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Best For Birthday

A Bunch of Roses bouquet with 20 Steams mini roses, its much more beautiful than a normal bouquet, your girl friend should give u a kiss..
HK$1,340.00 HK$1,220.00
Birthday Package - Rose Bouquet + HKD100 Red Pocket
New -5 %
Birthday Packing - 2914 Birthday Package - Rose Bouquet + One Hundred Hong Kong Dollar Red Pocket Flowers Bouquet : 20 Stems Rose Hand Bouqu..
HK$1,090.00 HK$1,040.00
One Dozen Purple Roses Bouquet
-12 %
Purple Roses for Someone Special to you, Purple is special, much better than Red or Pink Flowers..
HK$820.00 HK$720.00
One Dozen Golden Yellow Roses with many Holland Match Flowers and greenly beautifully wrapped in a pink and green paper..
HK$920.00 HK$860.00
10pcs Holland Tulips Bouquet Tulips available in a variety of beautiful colors, with assorted seasonal flowers, Matthiola , and greenery. Wrapped in ..
HK$790.00 HK$740.00
18pcs Roses Bouquet with Purple Color Match Flowers and Fillers Beautifully wrapped with Light Brown Color Papers..
HK$908.00 HK$828.00
Beautiful and simply said light pink tulips are a hip way to show you care. Ten delicate light pink Tulips arranged in a clear glass vase...
HK$890.00 HK$860.00
Oriental and Rose Package , Medium Teddy Bear and balloon
-19 %
Oriental and Rose Package , Medium Teddy Bear and balloon..
HK$940.00 HK$760.00
Send 10 Smile to her, I am sure that no one will angry anymore..
HK$1,160.00 HK$1,060.00
Three Dozen Roses Bouquet , 36pcs Bright Color of roses with seasonal match flowers..
HK$2,090.00 HK$1,990.00
You are my Rose
-15 %
A Lovely 12 inches Tall Teddy Bear Holding a Single Roses on her birthday..
HK$540.00 HK$460.00